Internet & Ecommerce

This firm is experienced in advising clients who have taken or are in the process of taking their company onto the Internet:

Start-up issues for the new entity Website legal audits Introductions to key strategic partners, including e-commerce developers, business plan writers and alliance partners Drafting on-line contracts, terms and conditions and privacy statements Trademark and copyright protection of online materials Domain name disputes Cybersquatting

Ecommerce ventures are unique in many respects, but they remain businesses with legal needs similar to traditional businesses.  We can offer our traditional business legal capacities to ecommerce clients.

Intellectual Property

We advise and assist your firm in the preparation of agreements to license your intellectual property or license your business to use the intellectual property of others.  We refer and manage expert intellectual property firms for the prosecution of valuable patents.

Confidentiality Agreements

We produce succinct non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements that protect all interested parties, yet expedite agreement and financing.


"Bruce, this is perfect... Thank you for all your help."

Legal Services: