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Bruce Leonard Beal, J.D.
This résumé shows long and deep experience in a wide range of business legal matters, which focused experience produces better business and legal judgment than is generally available from newer attorneys or attorneys whose practice is preoccupied with other types of matters.


Experience In Detail

Other Relevant Experience

Educational Experience

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Experience In Brief:

  • Corporate Counsel & Business Lawyer for 22 years
  • Senior Counsel for Parsons Corporation (1990-1997)
  • Private Business Law Practice for 18 years
  • Contract Negotiations, Formulation & Administration for 21 years 
  • Legal Advisor for Large International Airport Construction Project for 2 years
  •  Expert Writer throughout career. See Distinctions & Experience to left
  • Privatization Expert for Infrastructure Projects for 10 years
  • Maturing Computer & Internet Website Development Expertise for 17 years

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One Less NLRB Poster!

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