Purchases & Sales

The purchase and sale of businesses and professional practices involve a multitude of critical legal issues, as shown below, requiring the assistance of experienced legal and accounting services.  There is no substitute for experience, which will cost you less in many ways in the short and long runs.  Often, you can obtain a fixed fee for these services based upon the value of the transaction, which can be substantially lower than the brokers’ fees.  Speaking of which, while you may want to rely on a broker to guide you through the process, please consider that the broker (1) has a significant interest in closing the transaction, rather than protecting your interests, (2) may be representing both buyer and seller with the obvious potential conflicts involved, and (3) cannot lawfully practice law by tailoring the transaction to your particular legal needs. Bring your lawyer into the process sufficiently prior to submitting your offer or accepting anyone’s offer, so that all of the below issues can be adequately addressed, not neglected:


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Legal Services: