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"The Legal Member of Your Business Team"

Prestigious Home Project
Legal Plan

Why Do You Need a Lawyer for Your Prestigious Home Project?

Under this Plan, an experienced project lawyer will assist you to discover and confront the tricky legal issues of building your own prestige custom home project.

Construction is one of the most complex transactions you can take on.  It is loaded with financial and legal risks and often ends in protracted litigation.

An experienced home project lawyer and other construction professionals will focus on the issues necessary to ensure a successful project in which you can be proud.  You will also spend less money for your home in the long run.

The Prestigious Home Project Legal PlanSM lawyer will provide expertise to:

  • Advise you whether sole source, conventional bid, construction management, design-build, or fast-track is the most suitable approach for your project.

  • Ensure proper environmental and permitting management. A missed environmental risk by itself can doom your project.

  • Assist you to interview, evaluate, select, negotiate, draft, monitor, and complete contracts for architects, constructors, and other project participants.  These are substantial contracts, and the appropriate scopes of work, warranties, liability insurances, performance and payment bonds, lien waivers, and contractor/subcontractor financial arrangements must be put in place to avoid your exposure to large financial and schedule risks later.

  • Manage and resolve the usual lien filings, contract changes, and disputes that arise during the course of the construction. Progressive dispute resolution provisions should bind all project participants, so that creative, agreeable, and timely solutions occur without litigation.

  • Advise of potential and emerging  legal issues impacting the construction of your home.

  • Engender team spirit versus litigious positions.

  • Assist in substantial renovations, which also require comprehensive written contracts and many of the activities provided above.

Bruce Beal has over 20 years of full time legal experience in areas of design, engineering, and construction. He has worked with architects, engineers, constructors, suppliers, subcontractors, and government agencies in projects ranging in value from 100ís of thousands to 100ís of millions of dollars.  

He has legally participated in all types of construction projects, including private and governmental, residential and commercial, sole source and publicly bid, and large and small.  

Under this plan, fees may be arranged upon a discounted hourly project basis, based upon ten hours of services per month, or may be a percentage of the project.

"Wow, that was quick! Thanks for the hand holding. I needed it!"

Caveat: The purpose of this article is to provide information, rather than advice or opinion. It is accurate to the best of my knowledge as of the date of the article. I have no duty to update this article. The information, examples and suggestions presented in this article have been developed from sources believed to be reliable. This article should not be viewed as a substitute for the guidance and recommendations of a retained professional and should not be construed as legal or other professional advice. In addition, I do not endorse any actions addressed herein, unless they are produced or created by me.  I recommend consultation with me or other competent legal counsel and/or other professional advisors before applying this material to any particular factual situations.

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with the following disclaimers to:
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and/or in public domain)
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