International Business Transactions

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Emerging business clients justifiably view international commerce as risky business -- with the complications, expense, and mystery involved.

However, if a firm starts small, takes one step at a time, has realistic goals, develops solid contacts, and takes advantage of available resources, international success is achievable.

Such firms need to be aware of the resources available to them to minimize legal risk and maximize profit in business deals through local, but experienced international legal counsel.

Bruce Beal is an international business lawyer with more than 20 years of experience, including 8 years abroad.

You want an international lawyer who proactively manages your business legal affairs, and who focuses on preventing legal problems, especially litigation, while facilitating your international business objectives. A good international lawyer knows how to advise about, and prepare for, risks without unduly frustrating your international business goals.

Among the international issues you may be confronted are:

Bruce Beal has performed legal work for transactions involving millions of dollars in, and involving, many nations and their firms, including Thailand, Korea, Taiwan, Viet Nam, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Egypt, Greece, the UK, Germany, France, Sri Lanka, and many others.

He is available to assess your risks and benefits of international transactions and counsel you wisely. You need to be advised of the complex intertwining of US and foreign laws and customs.

He can assist in finalizing negotiations, reviewing and drafting documents, and closing your deal. The risk and costs of potential disputes between you and foreign parties will be greatly reduced thereby.


















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Legal Services:

    Bruce Beal has years of direct experience on the practicalities of locating and doing business with others in the Pacific Rim, Middle East, and other areas.

    He can assist your business to negotiate, form, qualify, and maintain various agreements and relationships among international firms.