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I have happily retired from the practice of law.
This website shall soon be removed from the Internet without further notice.

If we believe that you can resolve the matter yourself or through more efficient or proficient resources, we will refer you appropriately.

Professional services will be rendered at cost-effective rates.  All legal options will be advised in an economic context.

Legal services will be performed upon a fixed fee basis, where available, such as routine standard business transactions and intellectual property items.  You can see my present fee schedule here.

If the amount of time or costs needed to accomplish legal services is unknown and does not allow for a fixed fee, the hourly rate is $300 per hour.  Hourly fees are computed on an hourly basis in five minute increments.

Regardless of the fee basis used, whenever possible, an estimated or even maximum fee may be agree and placed within the written attorney-client retainer agreement.  Of course, the provisions of your written attorney-client retainer agreement will control over any inconsistent provision hereof.

Normally, you will not be billed for photocopying, long distance telephone call charges, word processing, faxing, mileage (within a ten mile radius of our office), or secretarial charges, as tracking these costs adds expense.   If, however, such expenses will be extraordinary, they will be charged, as provided for in the written attorney-client retainer agreement.

Statements are prepared and presented monthly.  Payment is due immediately.  Failure to pay statements within thirty days may result in the firm terminating the attorney-client relationship upon written notice.

Time is recorded and billed for those services for which billing is normally expected, such as drafting letters (including specifically emails), agreements, conducting negotiations, attending meetings, etc., and also for phone calls and travel time to and from out-of-office meetings.

Should any travel be required beyond a ten mile radius of the office, all travel costs, including coach air fare, reasonable hotel and food charges, will be reimbursed by you, subject to your sole advance approval.

Ideally, the basics of your legal matter may be elicited by  phone or email, followed by face-to-face consultation, if necessary.

You are entitled to an "open door policy" whereupon any brief phone call or email made to this firm that does not result in significant legal advice of value will not be billed to you.

Specific Matter Retainer

An initial retainer shall be requested from you in connection with the services to be performed on your behalf with respect to any particular matter.  The retainer shall approximate one-half the estimated cost of the matter, unless the total fee is expected to be less than $1,000.

This sum will be deposited in the Firm client trust account to be applied to fees and costs as they are incurred.  You may also be required to replenish or add to the amount in the trust account, as deemed necessary to cover unexpected legal services.  A regular payment history may dispense with any need for a further retainer.

At the conclusion of the matter (including your decision to terminate the Firm's representation at any time), any sums remaining in the client trust account for your behalf, after a final accounting and payment of all sums owed to others, will be returned to you immediately.


Pursuant to the requirements of Section 6148 of the California Business and Professions Code, I hereby notify you that I do presently maintain Lawyers Liability Errors and Omissions Insurance coverage from a third party insurer or insurance underwriter.

"Bruce, Thank you for sending this estimate.  It really helps."

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