Fee Schedule

The following fees apply, unless otherwise agreed between us:

1. Any fixed fee shown is the document preparation fee without significant negotiations and/or redrafting.

2. Significant redrafting and/or negotiations, i.e. those taking more than ten minutes, will be charged at my hourly rate or other agreed fixed rate.    

3. The fee for review, comments, and revisions of documents provided by you will be charged at my hourly rate or other agreed fixed rate.

4. All fees exclude out-of-pocket fees and expenses, such as government filings.

Hourly Fee Schedule:

Fixed Fee Schedule:


Draft Website Terms & Conditions:

Business or Professional Practice Sale/Acquisition:  

The purchaser, for tax, liability, and other reasons, will usually dictate what type of transaction they want, sometimes the sale of the complete business, but usually the sale of assets.  The sale of assets is a more complicated procedure legally requiring at least a 45 day escrow and notice procedure.    

Purchasers may or may not have a lawyer, although they should.  Also, purchasers with lawyers will usually volunteer to produce the draft agreement, which lowers the transaction cost for the seller, but will greatly complicate the agreement, and requires review by the sellers’ lawyer. 

The legal effort can vary greatly from transaction to transaction, which is why most lawyers do these transactions on an hourly basis, which can become excessive.  I charge a fixed fee of 1% of the full transaction amount with a minumum of $1,500.  Extraordinary documentation, such as corporate resolutions, etc. are charged at the hourly rate.

If I review the other party’s lawyer’s complete sale agreement with recommendations without significant negotiations, the fee is 0.25% of the full transaction amount, but not less than $500.

If I review and monitor escrow of other party’s lawyer’s bulk sales agreement with reasonable negotiations, the fee is 0.5% of the transaction amount, but not less than $1000.   

If I draft a bulk sales asset purchase agreement and monitor escrow, including reasonable negotiations, the fee is 1.1% of the transaction amount, but not less than $2,200.   

Fees exclude asset valuation and tax classification, allocation, and completing of IRS Form 8594. 

I strongly recommend that an escrow agent and tax advisor also be involved in all but the simplest transactions.    

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