Dispute Resolution

Prevention is the best defense against disputes, and disputes will happen to even the best firms.

Litigation of disputes usually results in losses to all parties due to the time and cost.  In fact, no one usually satisfactorily wins in litigation, except those who are involved in litigation, that is, litigators, court reporters, expert witnesses, and the like.

By the time you "win", if you should be so fortunate, you will be out the productive time wasted in depositions, witness subpoenas, lawyer meetings, court hearings, and the cost of attorneys fees (at least one-third of your recovery, if any), experts, court reporters, court costs, and the like.

Mediation should be, if you have any control over it, an absolute pre-requisite to filing litigation. Statistically speaking, you have approximately an 85% chance of saving approximately 85% of your dispute costs (as opposed to settlement costs which theoretically should stay the same) by using mediation.

Litigation, even arbitration, will cost thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of dollars or more to resolve.  Mediation will cost perhaps hundreds of dollars or less.  An added benefit of mediation may be to retain the relationship between the disputing business parties.

Bruce Beal is experienced in mediation, which has proven to be more efficient in resolving business disputes.  Mediation may be applied to the following disputes, among others:

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