Controlling Legal Fees: As the Clock Ticks Away

Traditionally, the most common fee charged by a lawyer was the hourly fee, which is an agreed amount for each hour of time a lawyer works on your matter. There are many inherent risks, however, with the hourly fee. It is difficult to choose lawyers based upon hourly fees without knowing how many hours the matter will take the lawyer. For example, an expensive, but experienced, lawyer may charge you less overall than a cheap, but inexperienced, lawyer. During your initial consultation with several lawyers, have them give you a best estimate of the total legal fees it will take. This will not be legally binding on the lawyer like a fixed fee, although it may have some moral force, and it will give you a better basis to compare costs among lawyers, other than just rates.

Hourly fees do not usually take into account the differing type of work involved, such as courtroom versus library work.  Ensure that the right individuals, such as paralegals, do the right work, such as routine paperwork, and that a different hourly rate be used for each. You might even try getting a different hourly rate from the same individual for differing work, using the above example of courtroom versus library work. Using the above rationale try to get a lower blended rate for all work as an alternative to differing rates.

Hourly fees may only be part of the legal costs you pay.  Many law firms charge for normal overhead items separately, such as photocopying, long distance telephone calls, and sometimes even secretary charges. You may even end up paying for the accounting and billing efforts for these costs.  When you negotiate an hourly fee with an attorney, attempt to get an hourly fee that includes all overhead charges. This is actually easier for both of you, and more lawyers agree to this now.

Fixed fees, if you can get them, are preferable to hourly fees in many particulars. Most importantly, you know the total cost of your legal matter in advance. Now, you can shop this cost around to several lawyers to get the lowest cost. Be sure in this regard that there are no significant legal work exclusions from the fee, or if there are, that they are consistent among lawyers for comparison purposes. You can see my present fixed fee schedule here.

There is a distinct financial incentive for lawyers to spend more hours on an hourly fee matter than a fixed fee matter. This lawyer has worked in law firms and knows the pressure to bill in order to become partner, or even to stay with a firm as an associate. The cost of the legal matter invariably exceeds the expectations of the client. Attempt to get a fixed fee, if at all possible.

Beware, however, of a fixed fee that is substantially lower than other fixed fees quoted. This could be an error in estimation of the time, talent and effort involved in a legal matter. This lawyer may not adequately support your matter with the attendant negative result. If you hire such lawyer, be sure he or she adequately explains beforehand why the fee is so much lower than others.

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