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Formation of Business & Non-Profit Entities

We advise the advantages and disadvantages of various business and non-profit entities. Please email or telephone for Cost Sheets: 

You will then be able to make an informed choice.  We then prepare and file the necessary documents by fixed fees to form the chosen entity, such as articles, bylaws, share certificates, and minutes.  So that you can review and calculate the fixed fees for each of the entities listed above, please click on the relevant entity to see a worksheet of fixed fees.  For those items that you can perform, please leave "0" in the box.  For those items you want us to perform, please place "1" in the box.  Then, press Enter to recalculate.

Early Firm Ownership

We counsel non-public business entities from the point of organization through early round venture financing, until direct involvement of securities counsel on an ongoing basis is necessary.

We assist you in establishing proper transfer mechanisms for unanticipated deaths and other situations, such as buy-sell agreements.

We provide real-time business counseling in addition to document preparation services.

Strategic planning and business focus is a value-added component which we routinely supply.  When securities, ERISA, complex international, or other specialty legal issues arise, we associate appropriate outside counsel and coordinate activities.

International transactional planning and execution are available.  

Due to decades of experience with new firms up to billion dollar firms, we add value above and beyond the industry standard.

Documenting Business Entities

Many business and non-profit entities protect the owners from personal liability.  Proper corporate records and formalities regarding meetings, elections of directors and officers, and preparation of resolutions documenting the decision making process help maintain that protection.  We assist your firm to comply with formalities and prepare necessary compliance documentation.

We assist transfers of ownership interests, joint ventures, mergers, the purchase or sale of a business or its assets, and the wind up and dissolution of business entities.


We advise you on employment matters such as employment agreements, policies and procedures, and compliance with state and federal labor laws, including "bounty hunter" laws and wage and hour rules.  We assist you in internal investigations of employee claims, including sexual harassment claims, counseling on employee hiring, discipline and firing matters, employee benefit plans, and advising on emerging employment issues, such as privacy, electronic communications, violence, and substance abuse issues.

Regulatory Compliance

We identify laws that affect your firm and industry and implement plans for compliance.  We identify and obtain licenses, permits, and registrations from local, state, and federal agencies.

Preventative Counseling and Internal Investigations

We provide preventative counseling and internal company audits, if necessary,  to assist you to identify potential criminal activity and assess the adequacy of internal policies and procedures.  We assist your firm in implementing an effective corporate compliance program.

Quick Internal compliance audits often preclude civil and criminal enforcement.  Federal Sentencing Guidelines require rigorous watchfulness by business executives.

International Transactions [click link]

Today, businesses and entrepreneurs are looking increasingly to international transactions to obtain the cost savings they need to compete.  International transactions should be entered into small steps at a time, using experienced international assistance.  We are experienced with international transactions, including contracting, joint venturing with foreign agents and partners, and extending to the set up of foreign affiliates to perform projects or conduct business.

Collections and Dispute Resolution [click link]

We resolve disputes.  We work closely with you and seek creative solutions to get the result you need.



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