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I have happily retired from the practice of law.
This website shall soon be removed from the Internet without further notice.

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Why Do I Need a Business Lawyer Anyway?

Be the Boss of Your Doctor, Lawyer, & Financial Advisor

Controlling Legal Fees: First, Do You Need a Lawyer?

Controlling Legal Costs: The Contingency Fee

Controlling Legal Fees: As the Clock Ticks Away: Fixed Fees  

Do Your Impact Fee Homework

Employment Manual

Employees at Conferences and Trade Fairs

Employee Relations & The Law

How to Find a Qualified Attorney

Handshake and Email Deals Can Destroy Your Business

International Business Transactions

Managing Litigation Costs

Protect Your Identity and Assets: Privacy

Protect Your Identity and Assets: Safety

Protect Your Identity and Assets: Privacy and Safety

The Laws of Leadership

Tourism Law Primer 

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"We resolve disputes. We work closely with you and seek creative solutions to get the result you need."

Who We Are

Image of Bruce Leonard Beal

The present firm arose from Bruce's move from the Los Angeles area to Dana Point, where he and his wife wanted to live since they first  discovered it. 

Bruce comes from the Senior Counsel position in a large world class international technology, engineering and construction corporation with thousands of employees, hundreds of large clients, world class projects, hundreds of affiliates, and complex transactions and litigation.  Before that, he gained significant major law firm experience, including arguments before state appellate and supreme courts.

His desire in moving to Dana Point was and still is to bring his world class experience to smaller and emerging businesses in the area.  This experience produces more valuable legal and business judgment from him than is available from newer attorneys or attorneys whose practices are more specialized and localized.  His extensive Resume is here Résumé

Marlene Beal's extensive Resume is here Résumé.